Visit Me In Dreams

Last night I had a dream about Odin. Or rather, about dedicating to Odin. This was the first dream of this kind that I’ve ever had, and I want to remember all the details of it that I can. I feel like it contains instructions for what to do/use when I finally do this. (It has been something I’ve thought about for awhile, but I’ve never actually taken that step. He had never given me any indication that it was needed. Until now.

The dream starts out with me and one other person in…I don’t think it was a church, but it had that feeling. It was a sacred place, and there was an entire room dedicated to housing candles and other such tools. The other person–who I believe was Galina Krasskova–let me into the tool room. “What color do you think would be good for this?” I asked. She pulled a box filled to the brim with red candles down from a shelf. There were all sizes and shapes of red candles in there. I pulled out two the struck my fancy (they were arrow shaped), and from the same box I pulled out two good sized, clear candle holders. I set them down as my selection and we moved onto something else.

After that she led me into another room where a handful of other girls were gathered. There were maybe half a dozen of us all there. I looked to see if Galina was carrying my candles as I hadn’t picked them up, and she was. I saw the candle holders in her hands, though the way she was holding them prevented me from seeing the candles…if she had them.

I sat down beside a girl that seemed to be my friend, though I don’t know her name nor can I recall what she looked like now. I remember fiddling with a black pouch necklace that I have that I’ve long used to hold things I associate with Odin as a sort of portable shrine for Him. The rope on it is always twisted and tangled, like gnarled branches of Yggdrasil, and I was untwining them in order to put the bag on. I also felt in my pockets to make sure I had both sets of my Odin prayer beads–the one I made a few years ago, and the one I recently purchased from Fiberwytch as an early birthday present to myself. It felt very important to have both of them on me, and part of the ceremony. I also had my journal/spiritual book on me and was thinking of what to write down to say when it was my turn to say/do what I needed.

The ritual actually never began, but at some point when I was waiting for it to, I had to go back into the tool room to get two more candles. (I don’t know if my original selection was present or not, or if these that I now had to select were replacements or additional ones.) I pulled down the box that Galina had handed me earlier to find two more red candles, but it was nearly empty. I found one red arrow shaped candle, but there wasn’t a match to it. In the very bottom of the box there was a light blue arrow shaped candle. I somehow knew that blue would be a suitable color to use if I couldn’t find a red one that I needed. So I selected the one red candle and the one light blue candle and headed back. (I do remember thinking/feeling like I’d much prefer to have both candles be red, but that this would do.)

After that I woke up.

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