Guest Post: Talia’s Rune Spread

It’s no secret that I rarely update this blog anymore. I’d really like to change that and have a few posts scheduled and ready to come out over the next few weeks. To kick things off I thought I’d start with the first ever guest post this blog has hosted! When Talia told me about the Rune spread she made I knew I had to share so asked her to write up a post for this blog. 🙂


I would like to thank Raven for inviting me to write a guest post for her blog, Odin Devoted. I love her blog, even though I know she has been so busy lately it is hard for her to find time to update, and I am honoured to be asked to contribute.

Odin is the main diety in my life, not by my choosing… as far as I remember. It is not always an easy journey, travelling the Earth under His watchful eye. Nevertheless, I am always grateful, and I am grateful to have had the gift of rune knowledge in my life for over 30 years.  I have found them a very useful and insightful tool for helping me sort my thoughts and emotions, and to help me navigate this river of life.

My long practice of drawing runes is the most simple and direct way. I usually just reach into my rune bag, with the concern or questions on my mind, or if nothing is pressing, with a blank and open mind, and root around with my fingers until a rune “pops” into my hand. It is quite obvious to me when a rune presents itself. It will almost literally feel “stuck” to my fingers.

Recently I decided I wanted to try creating my own rune spread technique. It just came to mind, really. I have long felt the importance of the power of quadrants and thus the power of the four elements and four compass directions in particular. I notice that many spiritual practices incorporate these quadrants into ritual, prayer, and guidance.

I decided I would create a quadrant rune spread of my own. Kneeling down in my sacred space, I placed a lit candle to the 12 o’clock, or North, position. I placed an empty cup to the 3pm, or East position (I may use something like a feather in the future.).  At the 6pm position, or South, I placed a small cup filled with water, and to the 9pm, or West position I placed a heart shaped rock (chosen to honour Freyja on a Friday.).
I then decided that each of these directions and elements represents one aspect of an overall quest for wisdom. The fire/north represents my direction and desires – my forward energy. The air/east represents thoughts, problems, and solutions – my abstract energy. The water/south represents my emotions and deeper connections – my intuitive energy. The earth/west represents my foundation, my past – my grounding energy.

When I went to draw for each of these directions I spoke aloud, as I reached into the bag, what each stood for and every time I had a rune  immediately jump quite clearly to hand.

This first  casting I did this way was in reference to how I am to handle all the change, loss, and possibilities now in my life.. I drew Raido, reversed for the north, Fehu reversed for the east, Othila for the south, Uruz for the west.

I read the results in general this way:

My journey ahead is uncertain at this time, halting,  with unknown challenges and possible missteps. I understand that I have lost a lot of what I knew as my life, and that I am thus surrounded in change. I know I have a strong foundation, that my life and experiences have shown me to be a survivor, but I have lost some of those and that which helped me gain wisdom and strength. Therefore it is not a time for me to quickly move ahead, but to remain diligent and mindful of what remains to me, and even to retreat if called for. It is a time of major transition in my life, brought on by profound loss and forced change, and while it offers opportunity and new growth, it calls for awareness and care, with others and with my own self.

>This rune casting helped me clarify what otherwise was bouncing around rather chaotically . More importantly this new ritual felt powerful to me, and I felt it was a more formal way to honour my dieties and the runes themselves. I shall definitely keep practicing  and refining this new way of drawing runes for myself.

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One Response to Guest Post: Talia’s Rune Spread

  1. Talia says:

    Thank you for allowing me to share. I wonder if others create their own rune spreads? I know it seems kind of ego-driven, but I felt like this was actually “suggested” to me by the Gods, or maybe by the runes themselves? It felt very powerful, that’s for sure! 🙂

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