Freyja Knows Best

The fifth rune of the Elder Futhark is Raidho (Riding), often defined as a wheel under a solar wagon. As a solar rune, it rules the natural cycles of the seasons, the division of night and day, as well as humanity. It expresses the concept of right ordering that therefore results in right action. Raidho is a rune that is an aid in all forms of rhythmic skills, such as poetry, dance, music, and math. Although it is mostly associated with Thor and his chariot, Freyja and her wain have a strong correlation with this rune as well.

On Tuesday I began (randomly) reading Fire Jewel: A Devotional For Freyja by Gefion Vanirdottir, which is where the above quoted text comes from. I’m in the middle of reading two other books (Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard and A Practical Heathen’s Guide To Asatru by Patricia Lafayllve), so when I passed by my shelf and this one pretty much screamed at me to pick it up I was both intrigued and very surprised. Still, I listened to the direction and snuggled up on my couch with it.

I spent the rest of the day buried in it, only stopping when I had to go to work. It’s a really well written and informative little book, but it wasn’t the authors’ articulations that kept me reading. It was a feeling of rightness. I felt like I was reading about someone I’ve known my entire life and just hadn’t been able to put a name to. It was the proverbial coming home feeling that so many Pagans describe. It moved me so much that at one point I wanted to actually cry.

Photo by Raven

Photo by Raven

Though Freyja has been in my life for several years now (3, I think) I never “studied” Her the way I did Odin. I knew the traditional things about Her; that She is a goddess of Love, Beauty, Magick, etc. I knew She has a Falcon Cloak that Loki once stole, that She has two cats that pull Her chariot, and that She has a battle boar. But all of my knowledge of Freyja was either stuff I’d already known from my Generic Pagan Studies, or acquired when I was reading up about Odin. I’d never studied just Her.

Apparently She didn’t like that (nor should She) and was like “here, read this NOW” 😛

I think I read 25ish pages in the first day and learned so much more about Her than I already knew, and it all felt right. Like She was in the background nodding and assuring me that everything I was reading was true. The things I was reading and learning…they made me realize that She’s been with me a lot longer than I knew about. I’ve recognized Her in my life for about three years now I think. But there are things I can think back to ten years ago (when I was swarmed by ladybugs–I kid you not. They were all over my work computer up on the sixth floor of a large office building), twenty years ago, even back to when I was a kid playing in the woods on my father’s farm.

Other than me creating and incorporating proper rituals for Her into my life, I’m not sure what else this means. But it was so amazing and heartwarming that I had to try to articulate it. Just as I try to make a post every Wednesday for Odin (or at least I used to. Trying to get back into the swing of that), I may do the same for Freyja every Friday. Just a small thing to acknowledge Her presence in my life. ❤

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