Introducing: Writer Wednesdays (and some other changes)

So, for the past month or two I’ve been going through some changes. I’ve basically been reevaluating my life and trying to weed out the things that don’t make me happy or leave me feeling fulfilled, or that are just extraneous and don’t really need to exist. This all started because I was feeling so overwhelmed with everything I was trying to do and needing to do, and it at times caused me panic attacks and to crumble into an unmotivated pile where nothing got done. I would just sit on my couch binging on Netflix because everything else felt like too much. That’s not a healthy mindset for anyone–much less someone who tries to juggle two jobs, a relationship, a social life, a creative life, and a spiritual life. I was attempting to do everything, and in reality I was doing very little of anything. And the things I was doing weren’t succeeding because I couldn’t give them the attention they deserved or needed. My relationship even started to suffer because I was spread so thin. So I started down a path of purging the unnecessary and condensing as much as I could.

Why post this here, on Odin Devoted? Because it affects this blog. A lot, actually.

When I started this path of purging, I had a writer website, this site, a livejournal, a paper journal, a twitter, a facebook, and a tumblr. That’s a lot of blogs and a lot of ways to journal. These all took up a good majority of my writing time and led to a significant decrease in story output (note that I haven’t published anything new in over a year). So my condensing started there. I determined that the things that I really needed were my paper journal and one main online blog/journal to function as a writer website and hub for all my creative endeavors. That’s where this site comes in. (More on this in a minute.)

One of the things that I discovered along this path (though it wasn’t something I was looking to discover) was that, while it’s important for me to write queer fiction, it’s also important for me to write Pagan fiction. If I look back at all the stories I have written I see that my characters are either Pagan, or they are celebrating a Pagan festival, or learning about Paganism, etc. There is always a Pagan element to my work. That’s largely because my spirituality is such a huge part of who I am and it informs everything I do. One of the things I wished for the most when I was a teenager was stories that depicted other Pagans. Not just Pagan nonfiction books, but fictional stories where the characters overcame lifes challenges, fell in love (sometimes with people of the same gender), fought monsters, and went on grand adventures. I eventually found the Circle of Three series and devoured those books like my life depended on it. (That series is also where I found my first queer character. I hated that she wasn’t a main character, but it still had a profound impact on me that she existed.)

So, knowing all of this, I made the decision to condense my online presence down. Odin Devoted is going to serve as my main online hub, my official website. You will still find mainly stuff about Odin and His family and friends here, but Wednesdays are now going to be Writer Wednesdays where I talk about my books, my upcoming releases, and other writing related things. Otherwise, this blog will remain relatively unchanged (that is, unless I have a book being released and need to talk more than usual about writing or make release-related announcements, obviously). I plan to continue writing my Rune posts and posting images and discoveries about the various deities that I make (and am free to share).

What does this mean for all of my other sites? Well, I’m still addicted to Twitter (that isn’t going to change–I adore Twitter), and I’ve been using Facebook a little bit more recently since deciding to no longer update The Raven Scribe (my old writer site). I don’t ever foresee those going away. As for TRS and my tumblr, they will remain in existence, but will no longer be updated. I will post one final post on each redirecting people here, but otherwise they will be there for archive only. I’ve only been updating my livejournal once or twice every few weeks, but I can’t imagine getting rid of it completely. It’s what brought me and my love together (we met on Livejournal!) and what has led me to some awesome friends.

So, going forward, expect to see some new content (that will probably also be a little more personal than what you are used to) as well as a good dose of the regular stuff. I hope you don’t mind the necessary changes and continue to enjoy this blog as much as always–or maybe even more! 🙂

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