Writer Wednesday: Samhain Stories (and a weekly Odin pic!)

So, not all Wednesdays are Ordeals.

For awhile, I had come to…not dread Odin’s Days, but go into them with my shield up and ready to draw my spear if need be. If any day of the week was going to be hard and filled with stress or problems, it was Wednesday. It seemed like Odin was trying to put me through a trial by fire. I think maybe this week He saw that I’d been through enough the past few days and just needed a break, a day of no stress and good things. And He gave that to me. I am quite grateful for that.

This Wednesday had me relaxing and reflecting on things I love about Autumn. And things I want to do this Autumn. There are a myriad, and I’ll refrain from mentioning them all here (they are listed here if you wish to read them~), but one thing stood out. I want to write a Halloween/Samhain themed story. Whether that be horror or not, or just about Samhain in general.

From the research I’ve done I gather that Samhain is known Winters Night in Asatru and is the official kick off to the Winter season. I’ll have to do more research on it (I am quite new to Asatru, or at least had never considered myself Asatruar, but the more I focus on my gods in my life the more I see myself going that way) in the coming days, and I’ll eventually make an entire post about the research I do and share I’ve gathered. But thus far, that’s what I can gather about it. (I’m open and welcome any information or resources people want to share on this!)

So perhaps on October 31 there might be a piece of Samhain flavored (flash) fiction from yours truly. I am also considering starting a new journal as I’m feeling pulled towards doing so. Everything in the air is changing, but the future looks bright. I am happy for this.

Found on Gangleri's Grove

Found on Gangleri’s Grove

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2 Responses to Writer Wednesday: Samhain Stories (and a weekly Odin pic!)

  1. Beth says:

    In Scandinavia, Winter Nights was actually celebrated in mid-October, but in England (which is further south) Samhain is about the right time; that’s when I celebrate it. (And that is my all-time favorite picture of Odin, btw; I have a framed copy of it next to my bed. 🙂 )

    • Raven says:

      Oh, cool! Thanks for the info 🙂 Do you know who the original artist of that picture is? I’d love to give proper credit, but Galina Krasskova isn’t the original artist and she didn’t know who was either. I just found it on her site :/

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