Hail Freyja

Now that I have my own space again I’ve been trying to get back into the habit of doing weekly rituals for Freyja and Odin. I had felt so hindered by roommates (in a lot of ways, but especially spiritually) that I’d stopped doing just about anything–even drawing Runes. But now that I’ve moved out and I can once again burn incense and light candles (old roommate was allergic), and I have space to set up an altar just about anywhere I please I’ve been starting up rituals again and…it feels really fucking good.

Tonight’s is very simple–just a small thing to honor my lady Freyja. ❤

A few months ago I’d gone down to Cape May, NJ and wandered in and out of shops. While I was there I stocked up on a bunch of different incenses, and I had bought a candle specifically for use in Freyja rituals knowing I’d go back to them once I moved out. Tonight was the first night I actually got to use them.

Small Freyja altar featuring vanilla amber incense and candle, and a black cat for Freyja's cats and the season.

Small Freyja altar featuring vanilla amber incense and candle, and a black cat for Freyja’s cats and the season.

The other thing I’d gotten in Cape May was a little blue dish that I used to put some collected sea shells in. It’s currently in the other room on my official altar while I’m out in the living room enjoying a little alone time for meditation and journaling while my boyfriend sleeps in our bedroom. I’ll share pictures of my altars for both Odin and Freyja once they are completely 100% set up. They are mostly done, but I’m trying to put the finishing touches on them, getting them just the right way.

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