The Flow of Laguz

Laguz is a Rune that I never used to draw. Ever. It would turn up once in a Blue Moon in a

Photo by Raven

Photo by Raven

Rune spread, but it was never my daily Rune. But over the past few months it’s come up a few times in that context. The first thing that comes to mind when I see Laguz is flow. The tides ebb and flow, and I think a lot of us imagine the ocean as this steady and calm thing. Just a wide expanse of blue that doesn’t create much havoc. The only thing we think of that “havoc” is when we hear of hurricanes or tropical storms. They aren’t the norm for us though.

Laguz, for me, has been much the same way. I think of the flow, but always the steady gentleness of it. Very rarely doesn’t the “turn your world upside down” side of it come to mind. But Laguz has that side to it, too, just like the ocean does.

As I was researching Laguz yesterday I came across the following on Galina Krasskova’s website, and it struck me so hard that I felt I needed to include it here:

I’ve always felt that as much as it was water, laguz had an element of fire to it as well. Fire has rhythm and flow, the nature of that flow is just far different than with water. When I first started working with this rune years and years ago, I would often see rushing rivers of fire….I’m still not sure what that means, or where that might in time take me, but laguz can get everywhere because flow is everywhere. Everything is always in a state of flux, whether we realize it or not: the only constant is that change. That’s all the opening laguz needs.

~her post on Laguz

She mentions that Fire has a flow to it as well, and she is correct. That’s something I hadn’t ever considered until I read her post.

In all honesty, Laguz is one of those Runes that I am still learning. It has never come up for me much and so when I it does I try to learn a little more about it. I know that it–like most things–has two sides to it, and that like water it can seep in anywhere. But the effects that Laguz has on my life and the way my life is influenced by Laguz are things I am still learning. One of the messages I have gotten from Laguz in all of my studies about it, and in the little bit I’ve worked with it is this: go with the flow, even if that flow is very rough. Roll with it. Don’t stop. Keep going. Everything changes and the rough tides will pass, but they are necessary when they occur.

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