To The Eddas!

Happy Wednesday! I bring you a post with SUBSTANCE and not just a beautiful picture done by a very talented artist like I had been the last several Wednesdays…or had been several weeks ago on Wednesdays πŸ˜› December is a busy month, what can I say?

Part of that busy month is the Winter Solstice. I’m not a huge Winter holiday person myself, but I do celebrate the Solstice as it means that longer days and warmer weather or around the corner (though this year the warm weather only just now departed :P). I got a bunch of nice gifts this Jol, but one of my favorite gifts came from my boyfriend. He got me both the Prose Edda and the Poetic Edda! I’d never actually owned my own copy of either and had always just borrowed them from the library or gone to my nearest bookstore to look something up in them. But he knows Odin plays a big part in my life (as does Freyja), and when he heard that I never owned the Eddas and wanted to, he used Jol as an excuse to rectify that. πŸ˜€

I’m going to start by reading the Prose Edda from cover to cover. Once I’m finished with that I’m going to take the Poetic Edda and read one poem a day until I’ve completed the entire work. I’m sure thoughts and posts about my reading will crop up as I work my way through them. Especially the Poetic Eddas. I am excite!

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