All Knowing


I found this image on a random Google search (I think it was originally posted on Facebook somewhere, but I don’t recall for sure). I’ve heard some debate over whether or not the Pagan* God/desses are omniscient. Most of Them, I can fully understand the answer of no. My personal experience has told me otherwise, but I understand why some people say that. However, the one that I would argue for being omniscient (or at least all knowing) the most is Odin, and that is largely because Hugin and Muninn–His two ravens that fly over the world every day and report back to Him all they see and hear. True, two birds would have a hard time observing every single person on the planet, but when you consider that there are millions of ravens everywhere in the world and that they might talk to them, it is much easier to believe they are able to information gather a lot faster than if they were working by themselves. It becomes possible for them to actually gather a lot of information, which they then feed back to Odin.

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