Stones of Odin: Bloodstone

I recently purchased a set of prayer beads from Power Femme Tarot and they have become so important to me that I never go anywhere without them. Normally I wear them as a necklace, but sometimes I’ll just have them in my hand playing with them, feeling their smoothness between my fingers, or looking at the ingredients in the little bottle. Regardless, it’s always on my person somehow.

I decided that, despite my knowledge of crystals, I should look up which each one meant. When I got to Bloodstone all I could think was ODIN, and so I had to write this up.


I’ve worked with Bloodstone before…at least I think I have. I know I’ve certainly said it’s name a few times, and if I were to explore my (vast) crystal collection I’d probably come upon a piece or two. But I don’t think I’ve ever researched it in any depth, or perhaps not at all. It’s name itself made me think of blood (of course) but also water (the blood of the earth). There is a lot more to this stone though.

There are several theories on how Bloodstone came into being, most of them somehow involving the blood of Jesus despite Bloodstone being older than him. In both of the myths involving Jesus his blood helped create the stone while he was on the cross. One myth says it mixed with the earth below and turned to stone. Another says his blood dripped onto a Jasper (Bloodstone is classified as a Jasper) while he was nailed there. I personally don’t believe either of this myths (because, as I already stated, Bloodstone is older than that), but one thing both of these myths have in common is sacrifice. No, Jesus didn’t willingly cut himself open to drip him blood onto the earth, but he didn’t struggle to get down either. He let himself be nailed up there. Something that earned him (even more) respect–another thing Bloodstone is said to bring.

We all know that Odin has made sacrifices. One of the more well known ones is to the well of Mimir to gain a bunch of knowledge. And of course there is most well known in that He hung Himself on Yggdrasil for 9 days and 9 nights to learn the wisdom of the Runes.

As I’m writing this something came to mind. It is possible that Odin also sacrificed Baldr, His son. If He knew what would happen with the mistletoe and Loki, He could have easily told Frigga to “make sure you get the mistletoe, too” or have just gone out and asked it’s blessing Himself. But He didn’t. I can’t help but wonder if He had the foreknowledge, but knew that–for some reason or other–Baldr had to die and so allowed it to happen. This is just me musing in text form, so please don’t take this paragraph as holy writ, but it is something I plan to explore more in research and meditation.

One other way that Bloodstone seems to be a perfect “Stone of Odin” is it’s link with battle. It is said that Bloodstone helps overcome enemies in battle. This could be legal cases in court, a good game of Skullgirls, or just old fashioned hand to hand combat. (Hopefully the only battle you ever have to do is in Skullgirls!) One of the things inevitably listed in Pagan 101 books is that Odin is “a god of war”. This is true, but generally when I think of Odin I don’t think of Him starting wars, but He comes to mind more towards the end of wars. He grants victory and claims half of the slain to fight with Him in Ragnarok (Freyja gets the other half).

These are just some very basic things about Bloodstone, but there is actually so much more to this particular crystal that it would take a couple posts to share everything. But I know when I started my journey one of the things I wanted to know was what stones are connected to Odin, and years into working with Him I’m still sort of answering that question. Bloodstone is definitely one that I conenct with HIm. Perhaps I’ll blog about more in the future.

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2 Responses to Stones of Odin: Bloodstone

  1. Margeux says:

    I recently received my first set of runes, elder futhark carved into alder wood. Stones and crystals already play a huge role in my day-to-day life. I’ve read people use a pendulum to help “choose” their runes while casting, but I wasn’t sure of the best stone to use for this. I think with this post you’ve answered it for me. I think I’ll give bloodstone a try; I already have a piece in my collection! THANK YOU!

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