And Then I Had Three


I got a new set of Runes a few weeks ago when I attended my first ever Pagan Pride Day! I have no idea what kind of stone these are, honestly (do you? If so, please tell me in the comments!), but they called to me and I knew they were supposed to be mine. They have quickly become my primary reading Runes.

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7 Responses to And Then I Had Three

  1. Ran Matthews says:

    Beautiful, I love them! I’m pretty sure the stones are sodalite.

  2. Albert Rasch says:

    They appear to be lapis lazuli. The more expensive grades come in a very dark blue with streaks of gold (pyrite). Hope this helps!

  3. indi says:

    by the picture alone i believe they are either blue quartz or most likely sodalite

  4. Margeux says:

    Beautiful set! They look like sodalite, or maybe less-likely, lapis lazuli. I like them!

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