The Fertility of New Beginnings

It’s been awhile since I made a Rune post, but one of the goals I’d set for myself this month was to draw a Rune every day. This year I really want to deepen my practice of Rune reading and get to know them and understand them better. One way to do that is to write up posts about them when I haven’t done so before. Like today, for example. My rune for today is Inguz, and when I checked I saw I’d only written about it once before and a long time ago. Since then I’ve learned more about it.

Inguz is particularly concerned with the health, fertility, and well-being of men. It often denotes fertility of mind, or the motivation and energy needed to start new projects. A new job is often indicated when this rune is drawn, but even if this does not occur, the potential remains for considerable change for the better.
Of course, for a new phase in life to begin, it is necessary to finish old business and turn away from situations that are leading nowhere.

When I decided to write this post I googled Inguz and this was on one of the first websites that came up. I find it incredibly fitting for me right now. I’ve had a bad sinus infection since last Thursday, so paying attention to my health and taking care of myself is something I really need to pay attention to. I’ve determined this year will be the Year of the (get) Kraken because I wish to leave behind the procrastination that I’ve allowed to basically rule my life. And in recent days I’ve been thinking about a certain project that would be a massive undertaking, but would make me happy. So when I saw this message come up my first thought was “oh how fitting”. My gods seem to be pointing me the exact direction my mind and heart are going which is always a nice thing.

But those things aren’t all there is to Inguz.

This Rune is depicted in two different ways. One is as a basic diamond. According to Taking Up The Runes, when it is depicted this way it indicates male fertility. But the other way it is depicted is as two X’s on top of each other (which also form the diamond in the center)–two Gebo’s stacked one on top of the other. Gebo is a Rune that speaks of gifts, so it would be easy to say that Inguz also carries such messages as well. And indeed when you consider the “new beginnings” and “potential new job” and other things mentioned at the beginning of this post that falls right in line with the “gift” theme.

runic_letter_ingwazIn it’s diamond form it is two Kano’s mirroring each other. Kano is a Rune of fire and creativity. When you consider it as mirroring each other it can be a clue to “look in the mirror” so to speak and see what seeds are inside you that you can nourish and grow.

Indeed Inguz (also spelled Ingwaz) is a complex Rune that I’m sure I’ll be writing about in the future again. It’s not one that comes up very much for me, but when it does I wind up learning a lot about it and seeing new sides to it.


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1 Response to The Fertility of New Beginnings

  1. Jeff Lilly says:

    Hi Raven,

    It’s really interesting to hear your thoughts on this. Odin also inspired us to look back at the runes this year (well, runes for me, ogham for Alison 🙂 ) When I read and meditated on the materials about Inguz, the most powerful image that came to me was actually of the salmon. I thought I’d share some of my rumination on this with you, in case it’s helpful…

    While the Salmon of Wisdom is associated more with Celtic mythology, obviously the salmon would have been an essential for Norse peoples as well. Graphically, the larger form of the rune can be interpreted as two overlapping fish, one with its tail pointing up, one with its tail pointing down. This mirrors the two transformational journeys the salmon makes: one out to sea, from freshwater to salt, and one returning from salt to freshwater to spawn and die. The journey of the salmon is echoed in the lines about Ing, which I’m sure you read, traveling away over the sea. The salmon is also of course strongly associated with fertility: here in the Pacific Northwest, stream valleys that have healthy salmon populations have up to 50% more nutrients in the soil than ones without salmon. And naturally the salmon is one of the most powerful symbols of death, rebirth, and gifts, since it literally gives up its life and its body to nourish the freshwater ecosystem that nurtures its children.

    For me, seeing Inguz as “salmon” has helped to unite the various complex associations of this rune into a single, unifying image. I hope it helps you as well!

    Blessings, Jeff

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