A Toast To Good Friends


This past Winter holiday season I received many amazing gifts. One of which was this drinking horn (gifted by a friend~ <3) and another of which is the book Taking Up The Runes (gifted by my partner) that I’d been wanting for months, but I just hadn’t been able to justify spending money on yet another book when I had so many unread ones on my shelf.

Drinking horns are typically used in rituals, holding a cool liquid (mead) and passed around while each person shares a toast or a memory or honors someone in their life (living or dead, though I think dead is more appropriate). I have yet to use this one in ritual, but plan to in this new year.

The Rune book sort of speaks for itself. One of the goals I have set for myself this year is to gain an even deeper understanding of the Runes, to work with them more. This will likely result in more posts about individual Runes, vlogs about Runes, and perhaps other essay type things as I continue my work with them.

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