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The Death of Baldr: A Theory

I’ve recently come across a few webpages that have mentioned a different tale of Baldr’s death. The one I’m personally most familiar with is the one where Loki is once again painted as a villain and sends a mistletoe tipped … Continue reading

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Family Members and Father Figures

I’ve been reading different books and blogs on Heathenism and Asatru lately, and they all empasize the importance of honoring your ancestors. I get why–they are your family. They’ve had their trials and tribulations, they care about you and what … Continue reading

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Draupnir: The Golden (Arm) Ring

A little over a week ago I decided to use my Pagan Blog Project posts to learning more about Odin. I’ve been reading a lot of Norse myths lately in an attempt to do this as well, but I thought … Continue reading

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