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Odin and Death

Yesterday I went to a writer’s retreat held in a cemetery. Given the time of year, and the novel I’m planning for NaNoWriMo, I found it incredibly appropriate and inspiring. But being around gravestones and catacombs made me think of … Continue reading

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The Death of Baldr: A Theory

I’ve recently come across a few webpages that have mentioned a different tale of Baldr’s death. The one I’m personally most familiar with is the one where Loki is once again painted as a villain and sends a mistletoe tipped … Continue reading

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Ferryman, Ferry the Soul

Guide her soul across the river Show it the way, light the path Keep it safe and free from wrath ~*~ My boyfriend’s┬ábest friend’s mother died the other day of a rare disease. This little prayer popped into my head … Continue reading

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Odin is a God of many, many things. Many books have been written about Him (though the best source is always–aside from first hand experience of meeting/dealing with Him–the Eddas). But here’s a few key things that Odin is best … Continue reading

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Father of Battle

One of Odin’s many names is Father of Battle. It’s easy to see how He gets this. He has Valhalla–His hall where His share of all slain warriors go and become Einherjar. These slain warriors battle every day and feast … Continue reading

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