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The Fertility of New Beginnings

It’s been awhile since I made a Rune post, but one of the goals I’d set for myself this month was to draw a Rune every day. This year I really want to deepen my practice of Rune reading and … Continue reading

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Open To Fire

Kenaz, also known as Kano, is one my favorite Runes of all time. I always smile when it comes up as my daily Rune because it carries such positivity with it and I always have incredibly productive days those days. … Continue reading

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Completion and Harvest

I drew a few Runes on my birthday (this past Tuesday) for the coming year. I have two sets of Runes, and each one is used to communicate with a specific deity. Freyja speaks to me through my Amethyst Runes, … Continue reading

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Tattoos, Kano, and Contemplation

I’ve known for a while that someday I’ll get a Valknut tattoo. In fact, I thought that would be my very next tattoo. It’s something I know to be in my future, and given my work with Odin and everything, … Continue reading

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Jera: Rune of Harvest

Jera, for some reason, is a Rune that is cheerful to me. Perhaps it’s because it’s associated with positive things. A Rune of Harvest, Jera speaks of plentifulness, of bounty. I’ve seen people draw it in their garden, around their … Continue reading

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Follow Your Passion (Also: Odin Prayer Beads!)

In honor of it being Odin’s Day, I thought I would talk a bit about my Odin Prayer beads~ I created them about a month or so ago, and wanted them to be very Odin specific. The inspiration came because … Continue reading

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