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A Toast To Good Friends

This past Winter holiday season I received many amazing gifts. One of which was this drinking horn (gifted by a friend~ <3) and another of which is the book Taking Up The Runes (gifted by my partner) that I’d been … Continue reading

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Hail Freyja

Now that I have my own space again I’ve been trying to get back into the habit of doing weekly rituals for Freyja and Odin. I had felt so hindered by roommates (in a lot of ways, but especially spiritually) … Continue reading

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Visit Me In Dreams

Last night I had a dream about Odin. Or rather, about dedicating to Odin. This was the first dream of this kind that I’ve ever had, and I want to remember all the details of it that I can. I … Continue reading

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Progress and Prosperity With Runes

I’m starting to expand my Rune use. I’m not just using them as a daily divination thing anymore. I’ve now branched out into using them in ritual and magic. Yesterday, I turned my daily shower into a ritual. That’s a … Continue reading

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One thing about the Norse deities is They usually don't ask for more than you can give. They may give you certain tasks to do, but They know you can accomplish them. When They ask for certain offerings, it's the … Continue reading

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Giving Blood To The Runes

I’ve been reading a lot about blooding the Runes lately. The phrase itself is pretty self explanatory–blooding the Runes, implies giving blood to the Runes. How one went about this–as in, do you give blood to each Rune individually, or … Continue reading

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Welcome Spring!!

I went to the park this morning to write poetry. The sun broke through the clouds casting shafts of light here and there, illuminating the grass and glinting off the river that meanders through the trees. I wrapped my jacket … Continue reading

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