Raven’s Writings

Raven has been telling stories since she was small. One of her earliest memories was of sitting at a little blue desk at her grandparents’ house writing a story…though she can’t recall what that story was about now. In junior high she began journaling heavily, and that led her back to fiction writing. She continues both of those necessities to this day.

Her favorite things to write are Lesbian stories (YA or Adult) and about her deities and spirituality. Being a Queer woman herself she has always longed to see more of herself in stories, and so has set out to accomplish that. She also recognizes that there are very few stories which depict Pagan characters (without them falling into some horrible stereotype) and so most of her characters are some flavor of Pagan.

In addition, she currently has a few Pagan nonfiction books in the works, and a few articles/essays already published.


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