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Ancestors: Buddy

In Heathenry, ancestor work is important. Or at least this is what I’m told. I have researched my ancestors, I can trace my maternal relatives back several generations, I’ve looked into genealogy and can tell you that I’m a mix … Continue reading

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Honoring An Ancestor: My Grandfather

Today was my (late) grandfather’s birthday. He would have been 87, but he died in 1996 from a burst aneurysm. To sum everything up in a nutshell, his death plunged me into a great depression, and it’s that depression that … Continue reading

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Wood Carvings

Last night, I did my first ever wood carving. My late grandfather used to do wood carvings–he made beautiful animals and was very skilled at it. A natural talent. I…can’t say I got his talents. But I wanted to try … Continue reading

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Family Members and Father Figures

I’ve been reading different books and blogs on Heathenism and Asatru lately, and they all empasize the importance of honoring your ancestors. I get why–they are your family. They’ve had their trials and tribulations, they care about you and what … Continue reading

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