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A Toast To Good Friends

This past Winter holiday season I received many amazing gifts. One of which was this drinking horn (gifted by a friend~ <3) and another of which is the book Taking Up The Runes (gifted by my partner) that I’d been … Continue reading

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And Then I Had Three

I got a new set of Runes a few weeks ago when I attended my first ever Pagan Pride Day! I have no idea what kind of stone these are, honestly (do you? If so, please tell me in the … Continue reading

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Breaking Down, Building Up

I drew Hagalaz the day Mercury went retrograde, and when I went to check to see if I’d ever written about it I discovered that I hadn’t. I was originally going to start posting my Rune posts over on Life … Continue reading

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Rune of Partnership

Yesterday I drew Ehwaz. I have been drawing Runes again all week. I’m not really sure what made me start doing so again–just a strong pull towards them suddenly came over me one day and I’ve been working with them … Continue reading

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The Flow of Laguz

Laguz is a Rune that I never used to draw. Ever. It would turn up once in a Blue Moon in a Rune spread, but it was never my daily Rune. But over the past few months it’s come up … Continue reading

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I started reading a book about Asatru earlier and…it felt good. Okay, actually, I didn’t just start reading it. I actually began reading it awhile back (several weeks, possibly months ago) and had put it aside for awhile. Then today … Continue reading

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Freyja Knows Best

The fifth rune of the Elder Futhark is Raidho (Riding), often defined as a wheel under a solar wagon. As a solar rune, it rules the natural cycles of the seasons, the division of night and day, as well as … Continue reading

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