I Am Yours

For quite some time now I’ve been wanting a tattoo of a Valknut. Maybe “wanting” is the wrong word. The idea of a Valknut tattoo is one that follows me everywhere I go and always lingers in my mind regardless of what I’m doing. It’s better described as a need than a want. Something inside me strongly gravitates to it. I know the place I’d have it done and the size I’d want. I have it all planned out and I know that someday I will have a Valknut tattoo. When the time is right.

But I was talking to someone about the wanting of this tattoo, and they made the recommendation that I first wear a piece of Valknut jewelry. The idea intrigued me, but I was a little unsure of it at first. I wear a lot of jewelry as it is, and it’s all of a spiritual nature (with the exception of my watch). Still, I went to my local new age shop to see if they had anything. They didn’t, but said they could order a few pieces and I could make my selection when they came in~ They actually came in a few weeks ago, maybe a few months, I’m not sure. But the time never felt perfect for getting it. But today finally did. Perhaps it’s because I finally understood what wearing a Valknut meant, what it signified. I had thought long and hard about what I was considering doing and was more sure than ever that I wanted to do it, needed to do it. So, I went over and perused the pendants they had ordered, and both of them struck me as beautiful pieces. I walked out with one of them and three blue-grey candles (the color I most associate with Odin).

I love how it's Rune-ringed. Perfect considering the work I've been doing with them!

I love how it’s Rune-ringed. Perfect considering the work I’ve been doing with them!

As I did my other errands, I kept the newly purchased pendant in my pants pocket. When I got out of my car at the next stop, I was filled with this overwhelming feeling of being watched. I was walking under a midnight blue sky, billions of stars dotting the sky, and I knew beyond on a shadow of a doubt, that He had turned His eye on me. I felt His presence more strongly than I ever had and I knew that He was watching me. If I ever had any doubt of being His, they vanished in that one moment. Buying the Valknut pendant never felt like the wrong decision to me, but that short span of time solidified in me that I had definitely made the right decision.

The pendant is resting on my Odin shrine, next to a burning candle at the very moment. I plan to leave it there over night before putting it on tomorrow morning.

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4 Responses to I Am Yours

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  3. Shane says:

    Looking for the same pendant that is well defined. Seen many copies but not as beautiful. What is shop name and address? Thanks!

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