I Seem To Be Collecting Runes

See those? They arrived in my mail today from the fabulous Naomi Clark, author and proprietess of the Etsy shop Common Brimstone. They are a set of Amethyst Runes!! I. Love. Them.

It’s only been a few months since I got my Jasper Runes, but it was around that time that she and I got into a discussion about Runes. I was telling her that I had originally been after Amethyst ones, but that the New Age shop had been out of them when I went to make my purchase. Lo and behold, she had a set of Amethyst Runes that she didn’t use and offered to send them to me! I could not pass up a set of Amethyst Runes.

Amethyst has long been my favorite crystal. Beyond the fact that it’s purple (my absolute favorite color), the energy of Amethyst is amazing. For me, it’s a great meditative stone, and it works wonders for calming me down when I’m feeling a little frazzled. To now have Runes made of Amethyst crystal is so amazing.

These Runes feel so great in my hands. I love their energy ❤ I pulled one just a few minutes ago, simply because I felt I was meant to. I got Wunjo–Joy. Yes, I do have Joy that I have a set of Amethyst Runes (XD), but I also know that there are many Joyous moments in my future. Thank You, Odin, for reaffirming that ❤

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